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Clara Keil Financial HR Manager of Vanstone Precast (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)  (2012-10-10 08:51 AM)

I don’t use it often as the products we use it for are only sold about once or twice a month
However I must say I found it rather easy to operate. And I am happy with it.
I will let you know if I think of improvements you could make

Preggy Chinnamunian from Two Ten Chemicals (South Africa)  (2012-09-13 08:46 AM)

I have been using TS Barcode Pro for a couple of months now and have found it to be very user friendly and have had no problems with it.  I am currently using it with the Tower W107 label template and with the first batch I had no alignment problems, however when I purchased the second batch of W107 labels and used them, I noticed that the alignment started to go out from the middle to the bottom of the page. Maybe it was how the labels was manufactured. In any event, I am very happy with your product.

Howard Cuyler from Chuckleberry Plastics (South Africa)  (2012-09-01 09:16 AM)

I am really impressed with this package, it is easy to use and extremely flexible.  Anyone wishing to create there own or use per purchased bar codes cannot go wrong with TS Barcode Pro.

Andrew Dorfling Managing Director of DotActiv Pty Ltd (South Africa)  (2011-11-30 09:13 AM)

We have been very happy with all our interactions with your company. Your team has been quick to respond to functionality and support required. Dealing with Mynhardt in particular has been a pleasure. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with TS Barcode.

Bruce May from May's Auto Centre (South Africa)  (2011-10-25 06:00 AM)

We are still setting up our whole system, and have only used it once or twice. So far so good. Very User Friendly.

Sarah Wiese from Gift & Decor (South Africa)  (2011-01-10 11:56 AM)

We are very happy to report that TS Barcode Pro has been outstanding in assisting us with our business.

Mbonisi Nduku from (South Africa)  (2010-12-01 10:01 AM)

I am comfortable with the TS Barcode, its help manual made it easy for me to use it within minutes. I'm now producing and using my own scannable barcodes, thank you.

Raymondt Dicks Chief Executive of Mayasec Investments (South Africa)  (2010-06-02 8:06 AM)

TS Barcode Pro had no problem integrating into the new Windows 7 environment and had been used without one single niche of a problem.

The software is easy of use and implementation is just as easy and user friendly.

When software works this well its easy to recommend it to others.

Roz Prinsloo from Workshops Anonymous  (South Africa)  (2010-03-15 8:56 AM)

We used the TS Barcode Pro software at a conference last week in the Cape and it worked extremely well.
Delegate's badges were printed beforehand using the bar-code generating software.
Each delegate was given a reference number on registration (alphanumeric) and this number was used to generate the barcodes for each delegate.
Delegates were scanned for attendance and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points before the morning and afternoon sessions each day.
Two people manned the scanning station at the conference hall entrance and delegates were scanned as they moved into the hall for the sessions.

Thank you

Jan du Preez from Abundant Water Services  (South Africa)  (2010-01-04 9:47 AM)

I am using TS Barcode now for 2 months and I am very satisfied with your product, it was easy to setup and the printouts are of a high quality.

I can recommend it to any company that needs barcode software.

Stuart Grimes from Grimes & Co.  (Ireland)  (2009-12-01 10:11 AM)

I had looked around at a number of barcode generators before I came across TS Barcode Pro.
I found it easier to use and setting up different sized barcodes exactly the way I needed them was so easy...
I did have one or two questions for support who were very efficient in getting back to me!

Thanks for all your help

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