TS Barcode Professional V7

Software to print barcodes labels within minutes.


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You can use the TS Barcode Pro V7 Software package to Print or
Generate unlimited barcodes on your existing PC and Printer

Why do you need the software

  • 27 international barcode formats, including EAN-13, UPC, Code 39, Code 128, PDF417 (2D barcode), etc...

    • Cost-effective professional barcode label printing.


      • Print and design high quality labels within minutes.

      • Simply select a template (Tower or Redfern), add your barcode, pictures and text, and print it out.

      • More than 50 templates to choose from.

      • The desktop Printer is more reliable than a Thermal printer (good quality printout that wouldn't fade away).

      • Works perfectly on both ink and laser printers.


    • Generate high resolution versatile barcode label images.

      • Save your Barcode label as High resolution Images (Up to 1200DPI) that you can use directly on your website, in your Presentations or send electronically to your clients.



    • User Friendly point-and-click Label design

      • Add Unlimited Picture-, Barcode- or Text objects onto your Label.

      • Easily Move, resize and customize the objects with the
        simple WYSIWYG label design interface.

      • Print sequential barcodes or import your values from your products or company database, a text file, excel worksheet, MS Access database, or any ODBC database.

      • Multi print function to customize print jobs and minimize paper usage.


    Supports the following Tower templates

    CIL-B440 CIL-P229 CIL-W100
    CIL-W101 CIL-W102 CIL-W103
    CIL-W104 CIL-W105 CIL-W106
    CIL-W107 CIL-W108 CIL-W110
    CIL-W111 CIL-W115 CIL-W221
    CIL-W222 CIL-W223 CIL-W224
    CIL-W225 CIL-W227 CIL-W330
    Supports the following Redfern templates

    1 UP no border 2 UP Landscape 4 UP no border
    6 UP Landscape 8 UP no border 10 UP business cards
    12 UP 12 UP no border 15 UP
    16 UP no border 22 UP 24 UP lip
    24 UP no border 39 UP 45 UP
    50 UP no border L7159 L7160
    L7161 L7162 L7163
    L7164 L7165 L7166
    L7167 L7168 L7169
    L7171 L7173 L7651
    L7655 L7656 L7666
    L7671 L7674  



    Price : R 1 895.00


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